Finding your Ideal Partner

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In this short article I will talk a little about finding your ideal partner. Now I feel that many people unfortunately don’t actually know how to find their ideal partner, which I think is unfortunate because I would like to see a world where everyone meets their ideal partner in life, because the world would be a lot more beautiful.

Now the trick with finding your ideal partner is dead simple. All you need to do is sit somewhere quietly and say a short prayer to God telling him that you are ready to receive your ideal partner in life and thank him for sending you your ideal partner. Now of course it may take a number of weeks/months/years even for you to finally meet in person, but you will have your guides/Gods angels helping to pull the strings so to speak so that you two are able to meet in person.

When you meet your ideal partner, I am told that it is like an explosion when you finally meet for the first time. However, both you and your ideal partner sometimes need to change before you meet in order for you to be a couple and for you to have a loving, long lasting successful relationship with each other. An example of something that may need to change is your understanding of the opposite gender (or same gender if you are homosexual). Especially I find with men in our society we have a lot of toxic masculinity which are behaviors which you believe make you a man – but don’t, because as I found out you define what a man should be – which thus makes a man a man. Equally a woman defines what a woman should be – which makes a woman a woman.

Lastly, don’t beat yourself up too much if you haven’t had much experience with the opposite gender even if you are at an old age in life. There is always room for growth no matter how much you think you know. But seek to say this short prayer if you are still without your ideal partner and don’t think that you are silly for saying this prayer if you don’t prayer often. But seek to be the best version of yourself and being so full of sexual frustration isn’t in my opinion being the best version of yourself.

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