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(Yes that is a picture of me posing in meditation during a trip to Florida with my family in 2019)

Why Meditate?

Meditation, prayer and service to man is of vital importance in making real progress towards God and progress in spirituality. I will talk a little about meditation and give you my basic technique which I have used for a few years now which I received from a group I work with, which you can read more about in my page on them. The benefits of meditation are you become a more developed human being - you develop your auras and allow your chakras to open up more and allow energy to pass more freely into them.

You should also seek to meditate in secret. I have an article on this blog on why you should practice spirituality in secret linked Here

Now for the technique on how to meditate correctly (and no its not finding a pool to meditate as the image may suggest)

Meditation Technique

Firstly when you start meditating its best to choose a quiet place where you can not be disturbed by others and where there is little outside noise and distractions.

Secondly you should say a short prayer thanking God for his protection and thanking Angels and your guides for watching over you as you meditate.

Thirdly you should visualise yourself using your hands placing a cocoon over yourself.

After you do these things then you should sit quietly ideally in a chair or a place of your choosing and then try to clear yourself of your thoughts as best as you can and try to think of nothing for about 15 minutes. Consistency is key with anything in life as with meditation, so you shouldn’t over exert yourself and spend longer in meditation than you need to.

After you have finished 15 minutes of meditation, then you should send this energy which you have received from God out to the world - just imagine yourself sending out this energy is all you need do. Then thank Gods angels and your guides for watching over you and then imagine yourself lowering this cocoon that you had placed over you.

This is roughly what I have been taught on the correct way to meditate.

More on Meditation

Aim to make meditation apart of your daily routine and you can meditate for longer and as frequnetly as you wish, but aim to be consistent. I will say that I have been meditating fairly consistently for close to 4 years now and I will say that it has allowed me to focus a lot better in my tasks, allowed me to notice reoccuring thought patterns, allowed me to experience bliss, given me a fair amount of enlightnment into myself and has made me alot more peaceful and less egotistical.

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