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My Prayer

I made my own prayer if anyone is interested in my prayer feel free to use it as a template. Also you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about taking up prayer, because I know that many people think that only Christians can pray or oft times I feel that people’s own ego and arrogance stop them from being able to pray, which is unfortuante because there are many benefits to prayer which I shall outline in this article. But in short its in everyone’s best interests to take up prayer and have it be a part of one’s daily routine.

Be sincere and actually act like you are thanking God (and just act like you are thanking a friend) when saying this prayer for the ‘magic’ to work and show respect to God and his helpers who answer your prayer. Generally I repeat this prayer for 10 minutes daily and it will and has done wonders for me and for the world. A short note is that the reason we say “Our Father” is because we are all children of God because nobody is perfect on earth is perfect, as this is why we come here to gain in experience. Also just as a note you should pray in secret to God and you can read more about why you should do so in secret in my article practice spirituality in secret, which you can find linked at the bottom of the article. Also this prayer gets updated regularly fairly regularly, but feel free to add your own additions to it and remove any bits you disagree with, but seek to make it personal to you.

Its also important to show devotion to God when praying and have faifth that he will provide for you no matter the circumstances.

I begin my prayer:

“Our Father who is in heaven,

I Thank you for

Bringing Love, Peace and Order to the world,

Helping those in need,

Giving us the strength to fulfill your will for each of us,

Helping us to serve you,

Helping those whom suffer without good cause,

Sending your healing power to those in need,


Praying is one of the things that I think a lot of people can benefit from. The secret with prayer is to have the genuine intention of helping the person/thing you are praying and doing it for them and not for yourself. To progress towards God, it’s important to serve your fellow man, meditate and pray.

When praying for others, you draw towards you Gods’ helpers/guides/angels etc. who will help you with your needs and help you to progress towards God. So, helping others through service and prayer is almost definitely in everyone’s best interest.

The technique that I have used to pray in the past is to sit and visualize the person/thing that is causing harm to the world and send out a prayer that this person/thing is helped by God but doing so in a manner without any ill intent towards the person/thing you are praying for but doing so in the genuine intention that this person is helped by God for his benefit and the benefit of the world This is generally the technique that I have used for about a year and a half now and has worked very well for me. This is the technique that I have learned from the group that I work with known as the Great White Brotherhood.

Over time you will be able to take up regular prayer and draw towards you Gods angels/guides who will work alongside you to help for your benefit and the benefit of the world.

Of course prayer is very important in making progress towards God and growing in spirituality and so its important for everyone on the spiritual path to take up prayer and meditation and for it to become apart of daily routine, because through these things and service to man you can begin to lessen your own ego and have that be replaced with spiritual power. Of course my article can only help you if you put into action these words you have read here. So please do take up prayer and have it be apart of your daily routine, just 15 minutes a day will change your life for the better and generally I pray using my prayer.

Lastly I did just want to make clear that God answers all prayers in his own time and you can refer to the parable of the persistent widow which is a really nice metaphor for God answering prayers. In short a widow asks a judge for justice day and night for justice and the judge didn’t really care of God, but because she persisted the judge gave way and gave justice to her husband. Which when applied to God who is a loving and caring God who cares for everyone of his subjects, if a judge that doesn’t care about God grants justice because of persistence then God will also because God loves us all and cares for us each individually and we would do well to put efforts to be more loving and caring and would be furthering the power of God on earth.

Update 1: 01/04/22

Its also vital when you pray to be doing so for the good of others and not just for yourself.

Update 2: 17/04/22

Its also important for you to know that God sees in secret and he rewards those who are faithful to him in own time and in his own unique ways according to the individual and according to the act done, therefore seek to pray consistently as best as you can because the rewards are high, not just in heaven but in this life - the rewards are very high for those on the path towards God and the spiritual path. So please do take to prayer and meditation in your own time and only do so at times when you are feeling fit and well and are able to.

Update 3: 19/04/22

I did have “helping those who do not yet believe in your power” in my prayer template, but its more or less the same prayer as “helping those in need” and “keeping us away from evil”.

Update 4: 20/05/22

Removed “keeping us away from evil” in prayer template.

Update 5: 05/07/22

I also want to stress the importance of praying consistently, God doesn’t answer prayers in one day. Therefore you need to pray as consistently as you can, but don’t feel pressured to pray if you don’t feel the need to, it should be up to the individual if they want to take up prayer or not, but please do refer to the parable of the persistent widow.

You should also pray for the good of man because we are all in this together…

Update 6: 16/07/22

Removed “For the blessings that you send to us on earth” in prayer template

And also wanted to add that I generally tend to find good use in the Lords Prayer and also find that the vizualization prayer helps a lot.

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